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Natural Medicine and Therapeutic services

Who we are?

A wonderful team of doctors, therapists and wellness technicians with a mix of traditional knowledge and latest technologies to work quick and efficient for your best results.

What we do?

We provide you the best possible care working hand in hand with local Physicians, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and ICBC in order to support your health and well-being all around.



Prevention and your education on health are most important to us and we appreciate your questions so that you can understand everything we talk about. Regular seminars in our clinic offer you updates on latest news on modern and traditional medicine and therapies and as well on medical technology.

Through our blog we are constantly working on providing interesting and important information for you.

NHC Wellness Services
Bioflex Therapeutic Lasers for chronic and acute diseases, injuries, neurological damage, wound healing
Deep tissue/ sports/ relaxation/ pregnancy massages
Redcord Neuromuscular Therapy
Bowen Therapy
Acupuncture, cupping, gua-sha
Shiatsu Therapy
Steam sauna with essential oils
Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field
Microcurrent Therapy
EWOT – Exercise with Oxygen
Stress & Tension Release + Relax
Iridology, Tuning Forks
Nutrition and Life coaching
Oxygen and Ozone Therapy

NHC Health & Medical
Medical Doctors – private billing
Extensive Lab -Testing
Homeopathy, Phytotherapy
Hormone Therapies
Endocrine System Regulation
Healthy Weight Balance
BrainTap gut repair LED theraphy
Digestive System Regeneration
Immune System Support
Addiction Treatment
Neurofeedback – Biofeedback
Thermography Eidam Diagnostics CRT 2000 – 119 points screening
Darkfield Macroscopy
BrainTap concussion LED therapy
NES BioEnergetiX WellNES System

NHC Spa & Beauty
Extreme Regeneration Oxygen facial
Cleansing and Balancing facial
Deep moisturizing Skin Therapy
Sudatonic Deep Infrared Recovery
Beauty & Medical Pedicure and Manicure
Tinting, Waxing
Spa Relaxation Massage
Body Wraps, Body Scrubs
Group Spa specials – Group Health + Wellness + Spa Specials
Side by side couples / BFF Massage
The Executive – combine your favorite treatments and have two Practitioners simultaneously work with you for the ultimate Wellness experience.

Meet Our Team

Highly qualified professionals
Eike Jordan
I am passionate in my daily research on healthy living and how to sustain a healthy environment.
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Melanye Walker
Certified Bowenwork Practitioner and Certified Colon Hydrotherapist.
I am a Professional Bowen Therapist and Colon Hydrotherapist who has built a thriving practice over the last 7+ years in Chemainus and Nanaimo, primarily through word of mouth. Because it works!
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Georgina Juliana Cyr
Certified Herbalist, Nutrition and Natural Health Consultant, Iridology Instructor and practitioner.
Working with therapies such as homeopathy, herbs, foods, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Tuning Forks, Massage, and much more.
I have been working in the Natural Health Field for 25 years, and have several books and Cds on Healing Naturally.
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Switzerland’s leading tool for prevention and early detection of inflammatory processes, blockages, cancerous and pre-cancerous stages in the human body. 119 points are measured twice for a comprehensive testing from the head through the entire body. All organs, the endocrine system and lymphatic system, pulmonary system, reproductive system and cavities of your head are measured and evaluated.

Darkfield Microscopy

Take a tour inside your body and look together with your practitioner at your live blood, urine, and saliva under the microscope.

On the big screen you will be able to see and analyze what your blood consists of and view any deficiencies or abnormalities that may be present.

This is a very useful tool to determine if further essential and detailed tests by our doctors are needed, it shows nutritional deficiencies, gutt problems, underlying infections, autoimmune reactions and much more.

Meditech Bioflex laser

What Are the Benefits of Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy offers patients a safe and effective therapy for a wide range of medical conditions, including soft tissue and sports injuries, arthritic conditions, repetitive stress injuries, wound healing and a variety of general health problems.

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