Winners of the Grand Opening draws

Here are the names of the happy winners of our Grand Opening scavenger hunt draws:

1 Marilyn Zink

2 Joy Dube

3 Madison Agrey

4 Liz Taylor

5 Rory Guenard

6 Steve Bruce

7 Richard Wiklo

8 Nicole Guenard

9 Heather Cooper

10 Carol Cooper

11 Mike McClenaghan

12 Andrea MacKinnon

13 Sierra Kennedy

14 Lisa Barnetson

15 Hank Aarson

16 Mike Parrish

17 Lynwood Walker

18 Lisa Meikle

19 Teijna Brahniuk

20 Shelly Vanderhof

Congratulations 🥂

Health Tip

Winter blues and Christmas stress are a rising problem for many of us.

Stabilize your immune system with healthy food – follow Georgina’s posts here about yummy meals and recipes.

Detox and cleanse while getting sucked into all the pre-Christmas occasions with less good food and repair your body before it gets out of hand and in January feeling awful – hydro colontherapy, acupuncture, Myers Cocktail Vitamins, sauna, Pascoe Whole Body Cleanse, and many more easy and fast to do things ( ask us for advice about what is best for you personally ).

Get outside and be active – there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes 😉 jump into the puddles and play like a child, build little dams and micro creeks along the trail puddles 😃, go to the gym, meet with friends and dance ( water with lemon juice is best to rehydrate ), stretch and recenter body and mind with Yoga,.. such great feeling to be in your own body after some physical activity.

Neurapas supports your inner balance with Passionflower, Valerian root and St. John’s Wort.

Pamper yourself with a massage, come into our Spa, relax your mind with Hypnotherapy, … it’s so simple to feel good and be healthy even in the most stressful time of a year.

Our great team supports your health and wellness all around –

Naturally Healthy Clinic 💚🍀💚

Healthy and extremely yummy food by Chef Luke at Naturally Healthy Clinic

We have the most delicious snacks made by Chef Luke today at Naturally Healthy Clinic for the Grand Opening.

He demonstrated that healthy food is attractive and yummy. Everything is made organic, no gluten, no sugar, no dairy and only proteins that are easy digestible for our system.

Chef Luke prepares every week various organic meals that you can preorder from a whole list of varieties matching the seasons and get delivered right to your home or office. Convenient, yummy, healthy and attractive looking meals.

Thank you, Luke – so great to have a Chef in town that supports our patient needs.

Specialty Yoga with Meg

Yesterday was the first of four specialty yoga classes with Meg at our clinic. It was fabulous.

Limited seats ensured to resolve problem areas of each individual participant. One person dropped in in jeans and had a blast when she found out how much this lesson benefited her physically and mentally.

Please call to reserve your yoga mat for one or all of the next classes on Saturdays 12pm – 1:15pm. Each class has a different focus area to work on to stabilize function, strength and mobility.

I will definitely be there for all the next classes. Loved it! 😃

So blessed…

I feel very blessed to have such great team! Everyone from the receptionists, the admin staff, therapists and doctors is so in tune and goes above and beyond to excel. Truly amazing. We work as a team like the clockwork of a Swiss Rolex and the musketeers – all for one and one for all, hand in hand.

During the period of time between buying the clinic, throughout all the renovations and then building up the team I have been surrounded by not just workers but friends, warm hearts and spirits. None of this could have been realized without us all together.

Thank you!!! 🌺💕

Dr. Anita Racic MD, certified ABAARM

A warm welcome to Dr. Anita Racic. We are very happy to have Dr. Anita Racic as part of our team as she is extremely experienced in many areas of the medical world:

“I believe in searching diligently, looking “under the hood” in order to help patients feel their best and experience optimal health. Rather than simply prescribing pharmaceuticals to mask symptoms, my expanded treatment toolbox includes the use of bio-identical hormones, diet, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes and appropriate and novel use of medications.”

Research and education are his passion

Welcome Dr. Ken Pepperdine in our Seminars & Education department:

Dr Pepperdine is a Chiropractor who has been in practice for over forty years.  He has completed research residencies in:  Stress Management, Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, and has a 700 hour degree level fellowship in Applied Nutritional Education.

Dr Pepperdine has a special interest in helping us to understand the principles of healthful living, as well as how to simplify daily health choices.