Start over – CHANGE your life in only 10 HOURS on a Saturday to be a new HEALTHY and HAPPY YOU

Our exceptional team combines forces to enable your desired changes in life. Dr. Wagdy Eltaiar, Detlef Friede MCH, Eike Jordan CCH, Barbara Busch RHN

10 Hours of special tailored BODY – MIND – SOUL – SPIRIT stimulation: Guided Removal of stored and unwanted Emotions, Feelings and Energies – Experience very complex 3-D-Healing applications – Meditations –
Vitamin and Ozone therapies – Chakra Rebalancing Stretching – all day in silence – Healthy Food and Beverages included.

Special offer: $750.00 plus tax (regular price $1100.00). Book with 2 or more person as group – $725 plus tax per person.
Only up to 8 people within the group setting. Results guaranteed. Reserve your seat today!