So blessed…

I feel very blessed to have such great team! Everyone from the receptionists, the admin staff, therapists and doctors is so in tune and goes above and beyond to excel. Truly amazing. We work as a team like the clockwork of a Swiss Rolex and the musketeers – all for one and one for all, hand in hand.

During the period of time between buying the clinic, throughout all the renovations and then building up the team I have been surrounded by not just workers but friends, warm hearts and spirits. None of this could have been realized without us all together.

Thank you!!! 🌺💕

Research and education are his passion

Welcome Dr. Ken Pepperdine in our Seminars & Education department:

Dr Pepperdine is a Chiropractor who has been in practice for over forty years.  He has completed research residencies in:  Stress Management, Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, and has a 700 hour degree level fellowship in Applied Nutritional Education.

Dr Pepperdine has a special interest in helping us to understand the principles of healthful living, as well as how to simplify daily health choices.

Dr. Mariarosa Greco, Ph.D – our team member from Italy

Goal… “Healing and knowing your self is possible” is my experience after about twenty years in healing field. Knowledge can generate attention and then respect in Nature and human being life, and then happiness and healing in every direction… My first professional goal is to promote change, awakening, self-healing, develop high quality of life and wellness and the effective tools and techniques to reverse the impacts of stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression on client’s brains.

Skills Energetic therapist through biofeedback, neurofeedback, EMDR, binaural and isochronic sounds for relaxation states of mind. Sexuality therapist, Hypnotherapist, Psychologist, Gestalt psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Shamanic healer.

I use Neurofeedback (NFB) to treat a wide range of conditions, including stress, ADD, ADHD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, Sleep Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Migraines, Concussion, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I use also a special Neurofeedback device, created in Italy for a small and qualified group of therapist.

I combines different practices from psychological, meditations, and new neurosciences. The result is a wide-range approach to amplify and permanently “install” happiness, awareness and self-healing at every level, so people re-wire their brain with neuroplasticity.

Trainer for groups of awareness focusing on the body/mind/consciousness balance and creative approaches to problem solving.

Trainer for female groups focusing on female energy and awareness (“Know your energy and honoring yourself”).

Trainer for groups focusing on overcoming panic attacks and anxiety disorder through the energetic techniques of Q’eros Tradition (Peru) and Toltec (Mexico) which help to create a new inner reality.

Workshop’s trainer about sexual energy and awareness (she created “Sex and the Spirit”), Trance Dance, Reiki, Author of many books in Italian language.

Human resources coach through webinar course teaching for people that need and love to use techniques of relaxation for high quality of learning and results through breathing techniques, verbal inductions, sounds that alter brain waves, support to increase motivation and attention, awareness path IN and OUT.

Meditation trainer (from Western and Eastern approaches and Traditions: Kinslow method, Tibetan and Indian path, included Tantra).

Soul Retrieval teacher and healer (“Soul loss” has been a major cause of disease and illness; it is a spiritual illness that causes emotional and psychological disease. “Soul Retrieval” brings home these lost parts of self, which left persons when they experienced trauma in their life).

One Experience trainer (intensive training, created by Frank Natale on 1970 in Northern California, about self-transformation through awareness.


Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine, Psychologist Degree, Psychotherapist Master in Gestalt therapy, Journalist, Hypnotherapist. Trainer and coaching in techniques of meditation (after my studies in India with Sharma Yogi), self-awareness, self-help and healing in wide wellness approach (including Brian Weiss Regression method in Past Life, Joe Dispenza method for creating higher states of mind).

Cold and flu season is here again… Acupuncture is there for you!

Cold and flu season is here again. Acupuncture can boost your immune system to help prevent/fight off colds!

Many people cancel there plans and work when they get sick. Come in for a treatment to help you get back on your feet as quick as possible!

Cupping is also a great way to clear the lungs and recover from a cold.

#Sneezing #RunnyNose #Congestion #Chills #Fever #Cough #NaturalApproach #NoMeds

Did you know acupuncture can help with many digestive issues. Whether you have constipation or diarrhea, acid reflux/heartburn, incontinence, excessive hunger or lack of desire to eat. Acupuncture is a natural way to improve your organ functions and ability to digest food properly!