Chiaki Harper
Shiatsu Practitioner
“The heart and spirit of Shiatsu is comparable to a mother’s pure love.
Therapeutic pressure on the human body stimulates the “spring of life to flow”.

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Shiatsu is performed by pressing and moving with thumbs, fingers and palms on Shiatsu points occuring throughout the body. The purpose is to enhance the body’s natural healing ability and prevent the progression of disease.


My goal is to facilitate the release of pain from the body and to promote optimal health with the unique combination of Shiatsu, Oil Massage and Foot Reflexology.

Academic background

In 2008 I completed 2,200 hours of studies at the college to receive the Diploma as Shiatsu Practitioner. I also acquired my certification as foot reflexology practitioner.


Shiatsu Therapist since 2006

Foot Reflexologist since 2009