Eike Jordan, CCH
Owner and Therapist
“My special focus is natural properties and ancient healing methods, healthy nutrition and preventative health care, I took numerous seminars and certification courses about alternative medicine and naturopathy. I love to spend time doing research on healthy living and how to sustain a healthy environment.”
work with all ages and genders.

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Eike is passionate in her daily research on healthy living and how to sustain a healthy environment.


Eike M. Jordan graduated successfully April 23rd, 1990 from the German College of Massage and Physiotherapy in Bueckeburg. She is registered with the German Government and Health Authority, but not allowed to use the title RMT in BC according to the College of BC Massage Therapists.


She took special education in Clinical Certified Hypnotherapy, Foot Reflexology, Massage and Exercise Therapies, advanced LI Laser Therapy, Med Esthetic Laser Therapy, specialty massages, and she is in Germany registered as Therapist for Lymphatic Drainage and Edema Therapy. She is certified in Ozone Therapy, Vitamin Therapies, Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, HRV, EEG, Thermography, RedCord Physiotherapy, Darkfield Live-Blood-Microscopy, Phyto- Chemistry and Formulation, Injection Therapy (Germany).


Eike worked in Germany as Manager of Physiotherapy in the local rehabilitation clinic and hospital, provided special care for disabled, seniors, and cancer patients and pregnant women.

Eike Jordan, Co-Author of the #1 Bestseller book in 2019 Wake Up the Happy Brain

Founder 3-D Healing