We are living in a world where evolving communication networks create increasing global connection with – up to this point – hidden and unnoticed effects on the human system. The broadband frequencies of networks interface with our bodies, creating a convergence of technology and biology, and we are being influenced in complete new insidious ways. The human body chemistry, moods and thinking are being affected and it is having an incredible overlooked impact on health, happiness and spiritual well being.

The communication networks produce wireless frequencies that transmit everything from written information to detailed, high resolution images which is received through a new < 7th sense >  within the human system

These frequencies form a digital matrix streaming through the atmosphere and around the globe in real time…. and therefore enter the cellular system of any biological being on this planet.

Scientific facts: Wireless frequencies create a barrage of highly charged, friction producing waves that move from source to device, as well as device to device, while penetrating and circulating through biologic and organic (human) organization.

This includes cellular and nervous systems, circulatory systems, glandular systems and meridian / chakra systems.

Images, headlines, key-phrases and product branding generate and populate all levels of the now social media frequency based lifeline, that acts like a bloodstream within the mass global psyche (i.e “100 monkey effect”)

Humans whether in possession of electronic devices or not are constantly receiving and conducting the subliminal energetic stream of events, opinions and projections through their own MIND decoding information system. It deeply affects chemical, emotional, psychological homeostasis, and produces numerous symptoms that may be a new classification of health maladies.

I have the capacity and capability to successfully remove such energetic storage from the human body….

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