“Iridology is the study of the color, pigmentations, and structure of the iris or colored portion of the eye as they relate genetically through reflex response to the strengths and deficiencies of the body systems.”

Each iris is completely unique. It provides the genetic blueprint to a person’s body. People can often acquire inherited physical weaknesses that may have affected previous family members. These may be detected through iridology. Through iris analysis, the iridologist may be able to determine a person’s overall state of health. Iridology can reveal many things, perhaps most importantly, the possibility of inflammation and irritation in the various bodily parts. In this sense, iridology is a useful analytical tool.
Most modern Iridologist, use an iridology camera to take photographs of their clients, left and right iris. Once they have obtained quality high resolution still images of the iris, they then use an iridology map or iridology chart to begin their iridology analysis. The iridologist may also use iridology software to assist in the iridology analysis.

Iridology complements all the health sciences as it provides information, not only about what may be ailing you, but also about the root cause of the disorder.

Iridology is a safe, non-invasive analytical tool, which can be integrated with both orthodox and complementary medicine.
Iridology helps people learn about their genetic strengths and weaknesses and become more aware of what they can do to help themselves.

You can book your  Iridology Assessment with Georgina Cyr at the Naturally Healthy Clinic.

An assessment includes the iris analysis with a complete Health program based on your particular needs and health, as well as one month coaching on healthy tips and information for creating a healthier lifestyle.

Georgina Cyr is a Certified Iridology Instructor with the International Iridology Practitioners Association and will be teaching Iridology Certification May 25, 26 and 27 at The Naturally Healthy Clinic.

Click Here for registration and information about the Class.


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