Melanye Walker
Certified Bowenwork Practitioner and Certified Colon Hydrotherapist.
I am a Professional Bowen Therapist and Colon Hydrotherapist who has built a thriving practice over the last 7+ years in Chemainus and Nanaimo, primarily through word of mouth. Because it works!

Meet me here:


Promoting positive outcomes through balance within the body as a whole.  She is often amazed at the healing ability the body processes when given the appropriate signals and /or treatments.

Performing Bowen Therapy on infants and animals (dogs and horses) is incredibly rewarding as they respond beautifully with no doubt or skepticism.

Academic background

Melanye has done extensive continued education under a variety of leading Bowen instructors since graduating Mount Royal University in Calgary Alberta in 2010.

She certified as a Colon Hydrotherapist with Natural Health Outreach in Penticton, B.C. in 2012 believing that without a clean and healthy colon all other systems struggle to heal.  It is the foundation of truly great health.

Melanye also has the fundamentals of Body Talk but is not actively practicing at this time.


I have witnessed the beautiful balance within the body that can be achieved with the combination of Colon Hydotherapy and Bowen Therapy.  Although they certainly can stand alone the magic happens with the combination.

If you have ever had an accident, injury or experienced stress in your life you are sure to benefit from these modalities…… You can be pain free.