The last century of neuroscience research has greatly increased our knowledge about the brain and, particularly, the signals emitted by neurons firing in the brain. The patterns and frequencies of these electrical signals can be measured by placing a sensor on the scalp.

Through Neurofeedback you can transform your life using brain biofeedback. Probably you want to know how Neurofeedback can help you or someone else in your life.

We are able to teach our brain changing its activity through a sound and vision feedbacks.


The Neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback, as it is also called, is a brain training where, through a specific software, the brain directly controls and does all of the work for the person that needs some kind of help. To see how you progress and grow is the important feedback, so that you can modify your kind of answer.

Neurofeedback is not a cure for each problem, but there is a very large number of conditions that can help you in producing important changes in your illness towards your well-being. However, there are conditions for which  medication and pharmaceutical treatment are still the most effective interventions available.

However, after more than ten years of psychotherapy practice, I have explored alternative therapies for anxiety, depression, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), migraines, addiction, and a lot of other diseases.


In my neurofeedback software, I use several different games. All the patients need to do is to allow their selves to observe the screen and listen to sounds. Through your brain you are able to train how relax your mind or how you can focus your attention, and so on.  If you want better results, during the neurofeedback sessions, I suggest even to eat a healthy diet and to sleep enough.


Studies have shown that Neurofeedback is very valid for treating depression, when used in conjunction with psychotherapy. Neurofeedback also eliminated migraines in over 80% of patients treated.

Neurofeedback can often be stopped after 30-40 sessions, with the patients remaining symptom free for many years.

It is our duty to preserve and protect our vital organs so that we may continue to thrive as human race. Our mind is vital to our own existence, our family, our friends, our patients, our planet. That is one of the goals why I currently use neurofeedback instrument on my own brain.


These are the commonly recognized frequencies generated by different types of activity in the brain:

Brainwave type                  Frequency range                Mental states

Delta                                       0.1 Hz to 3 Hz                      Deep, dreamless sleep, nonREM sleep, unconscious

Theta                                      4 Hz to 7Hz                          Intuitive, creative, fantasy, dream

Alpha                                     8 Hz to 12 Hz                       Relaxed (but not drowsy) tranquil conscious

Low Beta                               12 Hz to 15 Hz                     Relaxed yet focused, integrated

Midrange Beta                      16 Hz to 20 Hz                     Thinking, aware of self and surroundings

High Beta                              21 Hz to 30 Hz                     Alertness, agitation


Meditation helps you to relax yourself. Connect to a sense of peace and calm by clearing your mind of thoughts and distractions.

The research discoveries of modern neuroscience are showing us the most effective tools and techniques to reverse the impacts of stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression on our clients’ brains.

I can help clients strengthen their capacities to rewire the patterns of neural circuitry. I can help them to develop a trustworthy competence in healing so that they can bring deeper awareness, empathy, resonance, and connections with others into their lives.

Neuroplasticity is important and I use the basic mechanisms of brain change to recover any derailed development of the client’s brain and deepen their somatic, emotional, relational, and reflective intelligence.

It is possible to nurture the physical brain and lead clients through a trajectory of healing into resilience and post-traumatic growth.


I am always amazed at what is possible in terms of helping clients heal so they can flourish

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