Neurac (Neuromuscular Activation) is a unique method for the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Neurac is comprised of a combination of treatment and evaluation exercises that are performed on the Redcord Professional Workstation.

Redcord is an exercise training technique developed in Norway in 1991. It focuses on gaining functional strength and ideal muscular body alignment by working the body from the “inside out.” Redcord works on the neuromuscular level to change ineffective movement habits and to establish stronger and more efficient muscular patterns.

Neurac treatment:

  • Reduces pain.
  • Improves neuromuscular control and muscle coordination.
  • Restores muscle movement patterns.

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Neurac can also be used for Training

  • Redcord Active, is an exercise system developed for people looking to stay physically active. This exercise system can be used for performance enhancement, stability training and injury prevention using bodyweight and suspension slings

    We apply biomechanical principles to optimize the work of the muscle chain effectively.

    Redcord Active:

    • A huge range of exercises for individual and group training
    • A wide range of exercises in standing, side-lying, prone and supine starting positions
    • Exercises target various myofascial chains, involving the core region and upper and lower extremities
    • Integrates local and global muscles for neuromuscular control, core stability and functional strength
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