SOUL HUNTING (or Soul Retrieval) Therapy

How your “loss of soulreturns through Shamanic Journey and Trance Dance

According to the ancient knowledge about shamanic healing, when your body or your mind lives a traumatic experience, you lose a part of your soul and this causes an energetic imbalance. This imbalance is often the source of emotional troubles or physical diseases.

Such imbalance is involved also with the inner sphere, the deeper part of the person, the one connected with consciousness.

According to shamanism, the “spiritual healing” was and is the basic of body-mind healing. The shamanic technique or “soul hunting” that I am using, about rebalancing the energy of my clients, is generate from this idea of holistic medicine.

The healing of “Soul-Hunting” is an ancient practice taken from our ancestors. “Soul loss” has been a major cause of disease and illness since prehistoric times. Our ancient ancestors have been using the ritual of “Soul Hunting” for healing the life traumas which cause soul loss for over 40.000 years.

We have doctors for the body, for the mind and for the heart, but we have yet to recognize ways to heal our own spirit when it is distressed, alienated or diseased.

In this vision, each person that has just lived a trauma is a loss of a “bit of soul”. Everyone has experienced at least once a sensation of emptiness after an experience of violence, frustration, illness, or loss of a beloved one.

The alive emotional and sensorial fullness experimented during the adolescence is progressively lost as a result of the traumas, and it becomes more and more barren: motivations for living, ideals, inner well-being are slowly lost.

Soul Hunting is a “ritual journey” that I use moving in a “parallel dimension of the world” and looking for your lost parts of soul; after that, I go to recover back the soul part that was removed as a consequence of the trauma, and sweetly and lovely invite it “to come back home”.

It is an unforgettable sensation when one of such departed pieces of soul “come back”: the reintegration and recovery are really perceived, and it leaves you innerly enriched and pacified.

Anthropologists teach us that, as human race, we grow until an age between sixteen and seventeen years, after that the maturation process stops, crystallizes itself. Shamans say that it happens because of the loss of too many pieces of soul: we are no more a complete individual, but keep only fragments of our original wholeness. Shamanic “soul hunting” offers the chance to resume this interrupted process of growth, independently from our physical age, and starting again to live every moment of our existence in its fullness.

The technique of Soul Hunting cannot be understood and fully explained only coming from a rational point of view, from the “left hemisphere” of the brain: it is an experience to live and to evaluate on the deepest levels of our being. It is more to be felt and seen with all our senses than what we can literally see with only our eyes. ‘Soul loss’ is the loss of parts of ourselves which contribute to our intelligence, clarity, vitality, well-being and health.

After a Soul Hunting experience, immediately “something happens“: emotional, sexual, relational and affective problems dissolve themselves in a wholeness that grows every time that new pieces of soul are “brought back home” and a real healing starts happening. Parts of your inner child, teenager and adult that were traumatized and missing return, causing instant healing. You heal and transform your attitudes toward health, sexuality, relationships and much more. You return to your body, more aware, more present and excited about living the life.

In my therapeutic method, as Integrative Medicine specialization, I’m using together psychotherapy, “soul hunting”, neurofeedback, mind-body relaxation, subliminals sound and voice. Each technique is an answer for different part of the life of each client.

The concept of parallel realities is today used almost exclusively by science fiction authors or quantum physic approach and mathematics, for which to assume a multidimensional universe is the only way to understand otherwise unknown aspects of physical reality. On the contrary, it is normal in shamanism:  what we live in the waking condition is no more than a small part of what really exists. In the 60’s many American researchers already declared, thanks to their experiences with altered states of consciousness, that our brain is a “reducer valve” that filters the enormous quantity of information sent to us by physical senses and paranormal perceptions. That is why, for example, people living on an island of Pacific Ocean literally were not able to see the ships of Spanish “conquistadores”, because they didn’t have the mental category able to see them.

The shamanism approach to life and healing is known all of the world, even in western ancient traditions.

In my experiences as researcher, I knew “druids” by Celtic Tradition from France and England, that use also something like “soul retrieval” experience.

Many myths describe the “hero” who ventures inside a “dark forest” searching for the Graal, a talisman, a princess or other symbols of Truth and Tradition. Soul Hunting is an opportunity of living such a journey, without the necessity of going into exotic places, but traveling in one’s own interiority.

I learned by Shamans from many part of the world (Mexico, Dakota, Amazonia, Peru, Bolivia, Hawai’i, and so on) that the real “journey” is never external but an inner adventure, a quest to search a lost inner wholeness, often remembered and no more possessed.

One of my teachers in alternative medicine was Frank Natale. He said: “Our purpose and direction is to empower the individual with the unique skills and confidence needed to live a productive, joyous life….We are teachers who empower others to manifest healing, create their-own well-being, happiness through awareness”.


I like to share with you, one of many experiences through the “soul hunting” therapy that I used with my female patient. She had a lot of suffering, both physical and emotional. One of her body problem was a slow stiffening of muscle tone resulting in very strong pain in many parts of her body, include her right arm. The doctors had said to her that there wasn’t specific care because its source was unknown. At my first appointment with her, I used the “soul hunting” and I found a piece of soul loss that was connected with an electricity problem of her body. I saw with my inner eyes that her body had been struck by lightning and had burned a part of muscle of her right arm. Before my “soul hunting” she had much pain in that arm and she couldn’t even raise it. When I finished my technique, she told me that her pain was completely disappeared (gone) and immediately she raised up her arm up to the sky!

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