Our exceptional team combines forces to enable your desired changes in life. Dr. Wagdy Eltaiar, Detlef Friede MCH, Eike Jordan CCH, Barbara Busch RHN

10 Hours of special tailored BODY – MIND – SOUL – SPIRIT stimulation: Guided Removal of stored and unwanted Emotions, Feelings and Energies – Experience very complex 3-D-Healing applications – Meditations –
Vitamin and Ozone therapies – Chakra Rebalancing Stretching – all day in silence – Healthy Food and Beverages included.

Special offer: $750.00 plus tax (regular price $1100.00). Book with 2 or more person as group – $725 plus tax per person.
Only up to 8 people within the group setting. Results guaranteed. Reserve your seat today!

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