Everyone keeps asking me how I make 15 minute meals and the secret really is, these 2 steps.

1. Wash your veggies before you allow them into the refrigerator.

I have found that if I am in a hurry after shopping, and I put them in the fridge without washing, I tend to never get around to washing them and then after a long day of work, I open the fridge and figure I dont have time to start washing veggies so then make a faster unhealthy food choice.
So even if I have to leave the veggies on the counter all night and wash them the next day and then put them in the fridge it is better than ending up not using them for a week and possibly throwing them into the compost rather than eating them.

So the rule is they are not allowed in the fridge until washed.

2. Put them into the cello bags with the tips of the veggies standing up towards you, open at the top, in your veggie drawer or crisper in the fridge, so that you can simply grab the top of the vegetable, and slice off what you need without taking the whole bag of veggies out of the fridge.

I have found that if I leave the tops open I save 5- 10 minutes by not having to take out 3 or 4 bags of veggies, putting them on the counter, trying to undo twist ties to take the veggies out, then chopping them on a cutting board, putting back into the bags and doing that with each bag and putting it all back into the fridge.

Some might say you lose nutrients by leaving the bag open, but I have found most official “vegetable bags” have holes in them for breathing, so they need to breathe anyway,
and also if they are easily accessible every time I open the veggie drawer,
I tend to use more of them more often, so they tips dont have a chance to dry out.

So try it !
I find I save about ten minutes per meal and you might find that you eat more veggies more often !!

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Here is my you tube video showing you how to do the veggie prep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83vCOpWoL8Q

Georgina Cyr

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