TRE® is a safe and effectice stress release technique for most people.  It is a tremor reflex that seeks out and gently vibrates open deeply held patterns of tension in the muscle tissue and fascia of the body while at the same time, naturally quieting and regulating the nervous system. The trauma release exercises (TRE) developed by Berceli in his current work on mass trauma in many parts
of the world are an at-will self-help method to manage and reduce the effects of stress and post-traumatic
stress disorder (PTSD) in an efficient, short, and inexpensive intervention that appears to have broad effects
on physical and emotional functioning. This study proposes to test the efficacy of a brief TRE training
program with a psychiatric population diagnosed with PTSD at the Phoenix VAMC (Department of
Veterans Affairs Medical Center). It is hypothesized that this natural biological capacity to release stress
has wide-ranging effects that restore capacities diminished by stress and trauma. We propose to test the
efficacy of TRE in a randomized clinical trial that will compare three treatment conditions: standard TRE
with tremors, TRE without tremors, and a wait-list control. We hypothesize that standard TRE with tremors
will reduce self-reported PTSD and depression; reduce physical symptoms of pain, insomnia, somatic
symptoms; show gains in self-reported well-being and physical health; and show improved cognitive

Here is a research article on TRE

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