Dr. Zubin Marolia
Senior Integrative Medicine physician
Dr Zubin Marolia is a senior Integrative Medicine physician, practicing Classical Homeopathy in the city of Mumbai since 29 years.

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Dr Zubin Marolia developed a deep desire to treat challenging medical ailments very early in his medical career. This led him to the field of Cancer and Mistletoe therapy. 

He then proceeded to Switzerland, in 1991 where he trained at the Lukas Klinik, now called Clinic Arlesheim in Anthroposophical Medicine and Mistletoe therapy.

In 1994, he worked as a “Guest Doctor” in the Lukas Klinik to gain clinical experience from top oncologists of Europe. 

Since, then Dr Marolia has been treating cancer patients in different stages with Mistletoe therapy and Homeopathy. Many of his patients have been cured and terminal cases received Palliative treatment wherein their suffering was minimised and last moments of life were peaceful. 

Not to mention the BLESSINGS that Dr Marolia received. 

Around 11 years ago, Dr Zubin Marolia wanted to learn the art and science of INTEGRATING different therapies in Cancer. This led him to discover the Department of Integrative Medicine in the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York.

Dr Marolia was invited as a “Clinical Observer” at Memorial Sloan. He then also delivered a lecture in the department of Palliative care.

Dr Marolia was invited to deliver a lecture at the esteemed John’s Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA in 2013. He spoke on

‘’Thought patterns in Cancer patients before a Malignancy develops’’

Dr Marolia was invited to share his Healing stories at Beaumont Hospital, Michigan and the Medical University of Vienna.

He has conducted a seminar on Mistletoe Therapy in Seoul, South Korea.

Dr Zubin Marolia is regularly invited to deliver lectures, at the IMM Conference, Helixor, Germany.

In Oct 2019, he was invited to share his new concept of the ‘’THE 3 S’s OF HEALTH ‘’ at the Truth about Cancer – Live Event in Anaheim, California.